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Executive Director - Nonprofit Organization

Full-Time in United States - Executive - $100k - $130k

Executive Director - Nonprofit Organization

Transform 1012 N. Main Street is a non-profit coalition of local arts, grassroots, and service organizations as well as pro bono partners and individuals that are transforming the former Ku Klux Klan Klavern No. 101 Auditorium in Fort Worth, TX, into The Fred Rouse Center for Arts and Community Healing. The Transform 1012 N. Street Board models a pluricultural and shared leadership approach to acquiring, programming, and managing The Fred Rouse Center. This coalition ensures that the building will be led and programmed by representatives of the cultural groups targeted for violence and economic marginalization by the Ku Klux Klan, thereby returning resources to these communities.

The Transform 1012 N. Main Street leadership continues to meet with as many people as possible–among its constituency members, the larger Fort Worth community, nationally, and internationally–to share about the project and receive feedback. Their intent is to return resources to Black, Catholic, Hispanic, Immigrant, Jewish, and LGBTQQ2SPIAA+ populations. They are establishing 1012 N. Main Street as a site of memory, a place for the whole city to come together to grapple with this history and build a way forward together.

It is relevant to point out that Fort Worth is rapidly growing and it is now the 12th largest city in the US, larger than San Francisco.

In addition, this organization is documenting its process of building a pluricultural leadership culture that is intentional and co-created, not defaulting to one culture or colonial norms, in the hopes that it will inspire other such projects locally and nationwide.

For more information about Transform 1012 N. Main Street, please visit

The Vision

To transform this monument to hate into a beacon of truth-telling, reconciliation, and liberation for the nation.

The Fred Rouse Center for Arts and Community Healing – a reparative justice project – will honor the life and memory of Mr. Fred Rouse, a Black butcher who was lynched by a White mob in Fort Worth in 1921, by returning resources to the communities that were targeted for marginalization and violence by the Ku Klux Klan.

Position Summary

The Executive Director is responsible for shaping this new organization and, through effective leadership, ensuring that Transform 1012 N. Main Street thrives. This includes overseeing all financial and operational aspects of the organization.

The Transform 1012 N. Main Street Executive Director:

• Serves as the public face, influencer, and voice of the organization locally and nationally.

• Plays a leading role in building and maintaining collaborative relationships with impacted communities, as well as communicating the vision of Transform 1012 N. Main Street and building support for Transform 1012 N. Main Street with a wide range of stakeholders.

• Creates and implements a fundraising strategy and best practices that include overseeing financial diversification and the launch of a $40 million capital campaign in collaboration with key partners.

With the Transform 1012 N. Main Street Board of Directors, the Executive Director will:

• Help define strategic opportunities and a shared vision for the future of this innovative and successful collective of organizations.

• Establish strategic goals and provide overarching direction, motivation, and follow through to bring about the attainment of strategic and tactical progress.

• Manage the organization through team and in-person interactions as well as direct activities to bring about the execution of plans for the fulfillment of the vision.

Major Responsibilities


• Promote the organization’s vision and “voice” and lead with courage, intelligence, honesty, respect, listening, consensus building, learning, growth mindset, and love to bring together the community and implement a clear, passionate, and innovative plan of action for the organization’s vision to take flight.

• Have an active and strong presence in the press/media to share Transform 1012 N. Main Street’s vision in the region, nationally, and internationally.

• Ability to work with, manage, and grow collaborative partnerships locally and nationally with an intention to address racial reconciliation and justice.

• As financial stability allows, lead the organization through a thoughtful growth strategy to fill gaps and deploy talent effectively to achieve sustainable results.

• Play a leading role in building and maintaining collaborative relationships with Black, Catholic, Hispanic, Immigrant, Jewish, and LGBTQQ2SPIAA+ populations, communicating the mission of Transform 1012 N. Main Street to build support for the project with a wide range of stakeholders.

• Act as an advocate and ambassador in the community for all matters relevant to the organization, its services, and constituents.

• Remain engaged in communities’ dynamics to create a proactive presence.

• Ability to move in and out of other cultures, especially those not their own.

• Be an effective consensus builder, skilled at keeping internal and external constituents engaged, cohesive, and passionate about the work ahead.


• Keen eye for operational excellence and recognition that such excellence is achieved through collaboration and awareness of one's biases

• Inquisitive, hungry for knowledge, and filled with curiosity about cultures

• Proven track record of attracting, retaining, empowering, mentoring, and uplifting high-achieving teams

• Leads with love and recognition of individual strengths to form a culture where failing equals learning, and success is never an individual endeavor

• Leads the development of policy and processes related to the organization's strategic direction

• Actively engages with the Board Members through courageous conversation, ensuring support on all decisions, and engaging in effective communication

• Seeks out a wide range of opinions and ideas among constituents to build strategies and solve problems related to this important mission

• Facilitates the organization’s integration into the community by developing a communications strategy that seamlessly pairs with the strategic development plan

• Using fact-based information, provides insights to the organization to guide grounded and empowering decision-making

• Identifies, analyzes and interprets trends or patterns that may impact the organization and, cohesively with the Board, finds ways to benefit and protect the integrity of this mission

• High energy, results-oriented leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative drive; creative and willing to try new ideas

• Proven ability to bring expertise with flexibility to adjust to situations and audiences as needed

• Excitement to rewrite the rulebook; puts current practices under a microscope and ensures they align with the mission

• Startup experience is preferred within a movement of addressing and creating positive social impact


• Crafts and regularly reviews fundraising policies and practices based on the organization's changing needs

• Creates and leads a culture of transparency concerning donor relations, public relations, and fundraising practices

• Cultivates and oversees external partnerships to steward and strengthen new and existing relationships with donors and encourage and enhance their ongoing support

• Initiates fundraising strategy and, along with partners to support this endeavor, oversees that the plan includes capital campaign, direct mail, programs, online giving, major gifts, corporate giving, bequests, honor/memorial gifts, sponsorships, and grants; other priorities will include fundraising for staff growth, including a new senior development leader.

• Organizes and engages in the cultivation and stewardship of donors through personal contact, including face-to-face meetings, phone calls, and written correspondence

• Oversees the development strategy that 1) diversifies the revenue generation of the organization and 2) expands the organization’s donor base, working in collaboration with key partners

• Cultivates a spirit of philanthropy amongst the board members, community members, and constituents

• Oversees that the existing Project Coordinator effectively manages the maintenance of the donor database, ensuring that gifts are properly recorded and acknowledged

• Sets the standard for an environment where confidentiality of all donor information is honored

• Regularly evaluates and improves existing programs and identifies and pursues new fundraising opportunities

• Keeps informed and current on best practices in nonprofit development


• A background in social justice arts and leadership is highly desired.

• All experience will be weighed equally grounded on previous successful professional background, related training, and institutional certifications and/or degrees.

• Must have at least ten years of experience at executive leadership and management level in the not-for-profit sector, or the equivalent, and a strong background in stewardship/relationship building, personal solicitation, and enhancement of partnerships

• At least two years of startup experience within a movement of addressing and creating positive social impact is preferred

• Extending an offer is desired no later than by end of July 2022.

• Salary range for starting base is $100,000 - $130,000